Enter DFU Mode on Flight Controller

When flashing Betaflight/INAV firmware or Ardupilot/PX4 Bootloader, the flight controller needs to enter DFU mode.


Entering DFU Mode #

To put the board into DFU mode, simply hold the BOOT button pressed and then connect it to the PC using a USB cable to power up the board.

enter dfu mode


Installing the DFU Driver (Windows) #

The easiest way to Installing the DFU driver that is to use the Zadig:

  • Open Zadig
  • Choose Options -> List All Devices
  • Select STM32 BOOTLOADER (F405) or DFU in FS Mode (H743)
  • Choose WinUSB in the right hand box


  • Click Replace Driver (It shows “Reinstall Driver” here is because the driver has already been installed)
  • Now the STM32 BOOTLOADER or DFU in FS Mode should be listed in your Windows Device Manager
Updated on 2024-07-02