Loading Firmware onto MicoAir743

Downloads #

Loading Ardupilot #

Flashing bootloader #

If MicoAir743 is not currently running Ardupilot firmware, it is necessary to first flash the ardupilot bootloader into the board.


  • Keep the BOOT button pressed and then connect the flight controller board to PC via USB cable, to enter DFU mode. DFU driver may need to be installed, please refer to Enter DFU Mode on Flight Controller for detail.
  • Click the refresh button on the right side, and then it should show USB 1 on the  dropdown menu.
  • Click Connect.
  • Click Download to loading the Ardupilot bootloader with firmware into the board.


It shoud take a few minutes to finish the download.


Unplug the USB cable and plug again, the LED on board should flashing. And now ArduPilot(COMx) shoud be listed in the Windows devices manager, which means the Ardupilot firmware has work on your MicoAir743 board.


Loading PX4 #



Loading Betaflight #



Loading INAV #




Updated on 2024-07-02