Installation Guide for CP2102 Driver Step By Step

CP2102 is a USB to UART IC from Silicon Labs and is used in our many products, such as LR900-F/PLR24-F/P and etc.

When using CP2102 on a PC for the first time, the driver needed to be installed.


Driver Download  #

 Driver for CP2102 (WIN7/10/11)


Install the Driver Step By Step #

Step1 #

Connect the product (LR900-F/LR24-F/LR24-P and etc) to PC via USB. Open the device manager, now the device will be listed in other devices as proper drivers are not installed.


Step2 #

Right click on the “CP2102 Usb to UART Bridge Controller” and select “Update Driver Software” option.


Step3 #

Browse and select the folder where the drivers are unzip.


Step4 #

Select this folder for installing the drivers.


Step5 #

The below screen shot shows the successful installation of drivers.


Step6 #

Now the device will be listed under PORTS with unique serial port assigned.

Updated on 2024-07-03